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Having JUST the Hypnobabies CDs – does it work with out the workbook?

(Disclaimer: This is not an official Hypnobabies answer.
This is just from my personal experience as a Hypnobabies Instructor
and working with moms from the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group.)

Sometimes moms have done the homestudy before and have lost the workbook. Sometimes moms have borrowed CDs from friends and their friends don’t know where their workbook is. So what are they to do?

What should you do?

I always say, GET THE BOOKS!

Getting the books is important for so many reasons.
Yes, the CDs are great and an essential part of Hypnobabies, but the books are just as essential.
You are not really doing Hypnobabies if you don't have all the tools!

Here are just some reasons why having the books are important.

  • There is a specific order to listen to the CDs in and it is NOT in order that the CDs are in.
  • The book takes you week by week through the course and outlines the correct order to listen to the CDs.
  • The workbook teaches you step by step how to create your mental lightswitch and then takes it up a notch with step by step instructions on creating your center switch.
  • There are mini scripts in the Quick Reference Guide so you can practice with your birth partner.
  • The Quick Reference booklet has essential tips to help during the birthing time.
  • The Birth Partner's Guide is awesome to help the Birth Partner know how best to support you!
  • There are awesome Birth Prompts in the Birth Partner's Guide which helps your BP to help you to stay calm and deeply in hypnosis during your birth. (As a birth doula I use these pages at every birth! They are that important!)
  • There is a Change of Plan Script in the Birth Partner’s Guide as well.
  • There is great information about birth and how your body works.
  • There is important information about typical interventions offered during birth and the pros and cons of each intervention.

These are just a few reasons why you need to have the books to get the full benefit of the Hypnobabies course.

How can I get the books?

The main office sells the Hypnobabies Workbooks separately. But you have to call the main office at 714-952-2229 to order.