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You're Invited to a
Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis
Open House!


October 22, 2010

Begins promptly at 7:00 and ends at 8:30

Schedule of the evening's events:
7:00 pm, arrivals and snacks
7:15 pm, couple's introductions
7:30 pm, Hypnobabies "graduates" share birth stories...
a question and answer session follows
8:15 pm, doula introductions and questions

(GAL Doulas planning session follows at 8:45pm)

Come learn everything you ever want to know about Hypnobabies "eyes open" childbirth hypnosis.

Meet other "hypno-curious" pregnant couples, and mingle with pregnant couples who are already attending Hypnobabies classes.

Pose your questions about Hypnobabies to actual live "graduates" of the Hypnobabies program, and admire their stinkin' cute Hypno-BABIES.

BONUS...you'll be treated to their wonderfully POSITIVE birth stories! No scary stuff here.

There will be yummy snacks and delicious brownies. Hey! We aren't above bribery.

This event is hosted by 4 local hypno-doulas. You can ask them questions such as, "What the heck IS a hypno-doula?!"...or, "What does a hypno-doula DO?"...

Obviously, this will be a lot of FUN! Come join us.

We LOVE what we do, and we'd very much LOVE to share it with YOU!

For directions or more information, please RSVP to Sheridan and I will send you directions or answer your questions.